You are a recruiter ?

You are looking for a talented developer ? you are in the right place to find the best ones.

A dedicated  room will be reserved for you, in the second day 6th March.

You have just to come with your business cards to give it to the interesting profiles.

You have even the possibility to interview them in private.

You are looking for a job ? This is your opportunity !

Startups will be present in Sunday 06th of March to hire the best developers, so prepare your CV and your enthusiasm.

You don’t know how to inroduce your self and pitch your experience?

Don’t stress, we have already thought of you ! A hole afternoon will be reserved for a coaching session, in a dedicated room, with an experimented coach.

How you will proceed the D-day ? 

You will pass one by one to pitch your experience in 90 seconds to the recruiters and if they are interested by your profile and experience, they will rise up their cards for you.

PS: This section is available ONLY for droidcon Tunisia 2016 participants!


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