You are an investor ?

You are a venture capital? A business angel? An incubator ? a crowd investment company?

A unique opportunity is offered to you :

A half day of project pitching gives you the chance to meet a selected skilled participants willing to pitch their projects and raise funds. Every one of them may have already developed the next killer application and all of them can be future entrepreneurs.

You will be able to observe and learn about the latest tech startups, as well as new technology business trends in the mobile apps field in Tunisia.

You can attend the projects pitching and find the next entrepreneur you will fund

To participate to the investment section, you are welcome to

You are looking for funds ? Take the chance to pitch your project

A half day will be reserved for entrepreneurs looking for investment.

Ideas holders will have the chance to pitch their projects in front of business angels and investors.

How ?

Entrepreneurs will have 3 minutes to pitch their projects and to convince investors through a pitch deck of 5-7 slides presentation designed to give a short summary of your idea or business plan and your startup vision.

How to pitch ?

A hole afternoon coaching session is scheduled for you, a day before, in a dedicated room, with a specialist coach in this field, who will structure your speech and train you on how the presentation should be.

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